Brighter (feat. Dahm)

from by Hyde

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On my way up, stay up, paid up, make this shit my own,
You know I’m comin’ for your throne, don’t get too comfortable,
My future’s brighter. (x4)
Come up and run it, like you couldn’t touch it,
I swear I’m gon’ become what you couldn’t dream of,
I swear I’m gon’ be one, who you couldn’t see come,
No shootin’ star blindin’ ya, risin’ and shinin’ like the Sun,
My future’s brighter. (x4)

//Verse 1
Every time I looked up I saw black
Now its 50 shades of blue
Bitches shading me?
Got this fade for you
I aint playing when I say the game is through

Just got sober the flow still crack
Now I know my enemy
Fuck your energy
Need no bad vibes
I’m up like half pipes
and ready for the gravity

They try to tear me down I do not notice it
Bring up my wrongdoing note that I’m owning it
I do not fuck with no people that need me to feel
Like a g or I’m real I been over it

Future is brighter like he off the dirty
My future brighter not there but I’m learning
Half of you left soon as I said I’m hurting
Now I know if you ain’t fam you aint worth it

Hopping out the rental, now its a better day
Through the darkness, God you can let it rain
Pour pour, I’m more than poor
I’m broke as fuck at home with nothing zen everyday

Had to get away, and I’m better for it
Me and Hyde got goals, tryna get a foreign
I don’t mean a car, that’d be pretty boring
Although it’d come in handy when we end up touring

Like five years, I’ma make it
Till then pretend and make payments
I see the light and its fading
So I know I gotta go chase it

My future brighter, my crew is tighter
My beats are fire, my view is higher
I’m in the valley of the shadow of death
And my future brighter so raise a lighter, Dahm


//Verse 2
Just twelve months ago, I was on my own, and you had never even heard of me,
Now you know, who you’re watchin’ for, ‘cause I’m the one who’s murdering these beats,
I’m the one hittin’ early BP,
I’m the one out workin’ these streets,
I’m the one who’s never done,
Won’t take second best, no Burger King, please.
I’m on fire, like, I’m on fire, like,
You can’t touch me, I’m too much higher, I’m
Too inspired, just how I’m wired,
With all these rhymed lines in my mind, I never get tired,
Nope, nope, never get tired,
The day I see my grave’s the same day I retire,
No more notice required.
I’ve spent too many minutes, hours, days of my life,
Not to blaze when I light,
Turn the day into night,
Or the night into day,
So amazin’ I made it,
Check mate in this game that you’re playin’,
I tried to quit, but this melody kept on callin’ me back,
I tried to split, but I can’t.
No more off an on like your girlfriend,
‘cause I’m constantly blowin’ like this whirlwind,
‘till I depart this world then,
And only then will I begin to descend,
I’m on fire.
And my future’s brighter.
And my future’s brighter.
And my future’s brighter.
My future’s brighter.



from Fire From the Heart, released October 14, 2016
Vocals: Hyde, Dahm, and Michael James
Lyrics: Chris Greene and Dahm
Instrumental: Dahm
Produced by Michael James and Chris Greene



all rights reserved


Hyde Kalispell, montana

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