Regrets​/​Starting Over (feat. Had)

from by Hyde

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//Hook (Had)
From bottom to top
We countin it up
We never stop
All this work we do
We bound to get love
So put your hands up, yea
We won't tell you what are plans are, yea
Won't ever stop
Recorded a lot
Did this all for a reason we
Tryna topple these charts
So homie stand up
Getcha brand up

//Verse 1
Sometimes I think that every breath I’ve had is wasted,
Failure so pungent I can taste it,
I mean, I’ve had my moments of greatness,
But mostly it seems like I’m spendin’ life trapped in the basement,
Waitin’ for the day when someone shows up to take it.
I wished I’d lived a little more dangerously,
I wish I didn’t let my fears decide my life so shamelessly,
I wish I’d wandered a little less aimlessly,
Trusted God a little more faithfully,
Accepted praise more graciously,
And hate more courageously.
Too many memories painin’ me,
Every vein in me,
Strainin’ to forget all the shame I see.
Everyone has regrets, but mine are chasin’ me,
The time I’ve spent in my life waitin’ complacently.
Could have been out there grindin’,
Livin’ life and shinin’,
Could have been out there tryin’,
But instead I sat inside just hidin’,
Killin’ time and “survivin’.”
Countin’ ceilin’ tiles and rhymin’.
Now I just wonder where I’ll be when I’m dyin’.

//Hook (Had)

//Verse 2
I used to paint these dreams of a life that was glamorous,
A couple million dollars in the bank, that was average,
A couple million callin’ out my name, that I had to get,
A couple million records from the grave, that’s that Lazarus.
But dreams was all they were
And the hard work was a burden,
And the art perk wasn’t certain,
The serpent’s smart and he’s lurking,
Sold me on the scene of a person with a purpose,
But stole my motivation and made me say I already earned it.
The target rotted away the reason I even started,
I creeped and plotted, but never reached what I wanted,
Broken hearted, fallen, but too numb to notice what had departed,
Lost it before I even agreed to the bargain,
Now I’m empty handed, standin’ alone on this planet,
Damn it! I just wish I hadn’t given up on all I planned,
I wish I’d practiced instead of demandin’,
Worked my ass off instead of just plannin’
Just another regret that’ll never vanish

//Hook (Had)

//Starting Over
Funny how certain events can reset
Everything you’ve ever thought, everything you’ve ever dreamt,
Too bad it’s so hard to repent,
Regrets won’t relent,
Tear down; prevent.
It’s easy to regress
And start going backwards.
Relivin’ the same chapters
But when you factor in the hazards of goin’ faster,
Sometime’s the answer’s backwards.
And bein’ last to heaven, beats bein’ first to hell,
So I’d rather backtrack than have the worst to tell,
I’m not the first who fell,
Nor the worst to sell his soul to burst his cell,
Then thirst to reverse the tale.
I’m just glad to see the truth.
Can’t change the past, but the future’s new,
So I bid adieu to my milieu, so I can set out again with my path renewed.

I’ve wasted too much time chasin’ somethin’ I’m not,
I need you to know that this is all that I’ve got,
And I’m leavin’ it,
And I’m startin’ over.


from Fire From the Heart, released October 14, 2016
Vocals: Hyde and Had
Lyrics: Chris Greene and Had
Instrumental: Chris Greene
Guitar: Cole Chavez
Produced by Michael James and Chris Greene



all rights reserved


Hyde Kalispell, montana

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