Rise (feat. PROJEK)

from by Hyde

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When I first started rapping, I was copying flows,
Copying hits, copying pros, the only way to grow,
Tryna figure out how to make this my own,
Now I honed the craft, and this game is my throne,
And I'm reigning alone like a cloud on its own,
Man it's tre in the mo'nin' and I'm just now getting home.
No way I’m showin’ patience, so impatient I got hours to go,
You know I’ve waited, no complacency, don’t ever say I’m grown.
With the heart of a lion,
The promise of Zion,
The song of a siren,
The arms of a giant,
Turnin’ this art to an island,
Uncharted territory,
I’m findin’ there’s the glory,
I’m grindin’ where you’re snorin’,
No more silence, I swear I’m roarin’
Let out the beast in me: teeth, claws, all out,
Say you want a piece of me: please, y’all only talk loud.
I’m the only one you see out here puttin’ in work.
The reason I’m the only one you see winnin’ in first.

Even though I know I’m gonna shine,
Ain’t never gonna stop my grind,
‘cause my eyes look higher!
And even though I know it’s my time.
I’m never gonna stop this climb,
Reach my desire.

//Verse 2 (PROJEK)
God blessed me with this talent
It's a gift and a curse
Venting with sentences I'm penning
Sense the strength in my verse
Channeling all my emotions
Making sure it gets Murk'd
Word to my mamma, you can ask her,
I been putting in work
All these haters looking at me trying
Limit my growth
But they fail to see the fallacy cause I ain't standing alone
Since sixteen, I been king, now I'm demanding my throne
Tell me how these rappers getting noticed with them amateur flows
The hooligan's in the building
Maneuvering with the villains
Stop asking me what my deal is
I hope that I hurt your feelings
Your music is not appealing
I'm showing you what true skill is
I bring heat just like a skillet
No Pittsburgh, I run with (stealers) steelers
No doubt that I am the illest
I'm wild, I don't conceal it
got em rocking like Elvis
A monster, you know I kill it
A trapped soul, (trap soul) no Bryson tiller
I rose, I'm never wilting
I been putting in work
Ever since I can remember

//Verse 3
Already got this game on lock,
Poppin’ off like I’m aimin’ glocks,
Lock and load like I’m takin’ shots,
Unstoppable like my name’s Lebron,
All the haters wanna take me on,
Try to say I ain’t the greatest, when I’m way beyond.
Nobody close to me, locally, overseas,
Where you gonna find another potpourri with so much potency?
Poetry in flow with so much cogency? Look globally,
I’ll still be the king when you give up, come runnin’ home to me.
Naysayers and skeptics, pharisees and nonbelievers,
Pavin’ the way for a dreamer,
You wanted me to quit, just made me dig deeper.
Said my songs were shit, added rage to the fever,
Motivation to touch the sky,
Win at playin’ my life,
All while savin’ my life,
Shouldn’t have wasted your time sayin’ I was wastin’ mine,
‘Cause I’m on my grind until I die.


from Fire From the Heart, released October 14, 2016
Vocals: Hyde and PROJEK
Lyrics: Chris Greene, PROJEK, and Michael James
Instrumental: Chris Greene
Produced by Michael James and Chris Greene



all rights reserved


Hyde Kalispell, montana

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